The big reveal is finally here.

The big reveal is finally here. The branding and jersey design for Western United Football Club has finally been revealed for their inaugural season in the 2019/20 Hyundai A-League, starting in October.

The Home Kappa kit features a traditional vertical green and black stripe with a modern shieldless club emblem, whilst the new Away kit is designed with a powerful and unique geometric design which is inspired by the green wedge from within the new club logo.

The geometric motif is also based on the West pointer from a 4-point compass and therefore shows that no matter where the team plays, their heart will always be in the West. The green colour symbolises the evergreen communities which are currently growing in the West.

Kappa has said, “our partnership with WUFC represents a fantastic opportunity for Kappa Australia to enter a thriving Australian football market and we can’t wait to showcase the next phase of products which include an exciting range of on-and off-field merchandise that we’ll be releasing to fans soon.”

The brand new logo focuses on the “W” of WUFC, emphasising the pride of their home in the West of Melbourne and Victoria. Melbourne-based design agency The Township took on feedback from fans extensively with the design, making sure their voices were heard in the development of both the kit and the logo. Ultimately, they decided to break away from conventional designs with a logo that isn’t encased in either a crest or a shield and instead exudes confidence as a standalone letter. The point of the logo is to break free from tradition; this is a brand new team after all.

The logo design is also inspired by the rooftops of Australia’s fastest-growing corridor and gives a nod to the iconic West Gate Bridge; the gateway to the West.

Of course, this is a new team so their branding can’t be created from legacy, and so is instead built on pride and love for the West. This branding therefore represents their contemporary approach both on and off the pitch with a bold and modern design. WUFC will give the football community of the West a strong (fresh) identity and the opportunity to combine grassroots football with the elite game as we know it today.

Even the name of the team takes this into account, as the choice to be Western United Football Club stems from the united and progressive fanbase with a shared vision.

WUFC will join the Hyundai A-League at the beginning of the 2019/20 season in October of this year.